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Shevron is an established company with a proven track record in providing business solutions to a diverse range of clients. Click here for a list of successful projects.

 Jan Skraba - Principal Consultant & Managing Director

Jan (pronounced Yan) is a graduate mechanical engineer who trained at Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Bristol (UK). He has over 25 years experience in manufacturing and 15 of these in applying new technology to provide cost effective solutions into industry. Jan is also a qualified business consultant whose expertise includes the areas of CAD/CAM, document management, computer integrated manufacturing systems and business process automation. Jan has worked for Rolls Royce, Metco, INA Bearings and established the CAD division of Computacenter. He has also run his own solutions company, SysCon Solutions before becoming a director of the Opta Consulting Group.

Jan is now a director and principal consultant of Shevron and is focused on delivering quality services and products to the manufacturing sector. He manages a highly motivated team of consultants and associates who deliver that little 'Extra' which makes the 'Ordinary' into the 'Extraordinary'. Jan has worked extensively in the UK, Europe and in the USA and has experience with many modern EPR/MRP systems including: SAP, J.D.Edwards, Oracle, BPCS, Glovia, (Sage) Tetra and  Efacs. 



LogoManufacturing... Today's Battleground?

In today's competitive and increasingly global markets it is essential to win new business and expand your market share. An efficient manufacturing operation will help you control the quality, price and ultimately the success of your products.

Only in recent years, as demands on manufacturing operations continue to increase, have companies started to accept that they must invest more in their IT support infrastructure, or ensure that their existing systems are still cost effective. Compared to other functional areas within business, manufacturing has been woefully neglected.

LogoWho Wins?

Unlike other business sectors, such as Finance and Communications, there has been an unwillingness amongst the manufacturing community to accept technology as a tool, because traditionally, IT in this area has not been seen to be directly linked to actual production. The importance of good 'control' has been overlooked.

Lack of investment in education and knowledge-based systems to support manufacturing effort is damaging companies. People need help to control today's complex processes and sophisticated machinery. Companies who have recognised and addressed these deficiencies are beginning to forge ahead in their markets. But once you accept these facts about modern manufacturing, where do you go for advice ?

LogoWho Decides?

Will your potential supplier decide what is best for your business ? Suppliers are all too willing to make a sale and may assume that you will change your process to fit their product.

It should be you who decides what is best for your company. Software vendors specialise in particular business areas, and you may need to select the best 'fit for purpose' solutions from several suppliers and integrate these into your company.

You need a consultancy with experience in a wide variety of manufacturing organisations and with in-depth knowledge of the systems and suppliers available to help you decide what is best for your company.

LogoShevron - Helping you make important decisions

Shevron offers high-level manufacturing business consultancy. We work with you to make your operation fundamentally more competitive by developing an effective and tailor made programme for improvement

With our knowledge and experience, we help you clarify and understand your problems allowing us to define and document your business requirements. We can match these requirements to vendors' products and manage the change process, particularly the human aspects of technology change, to ensure that the benefits are achieved smoothly and on time.

Our advice and assistance is always based upon strong business reasons. We will always quantify the benefits, justify the costs and assess the risks, never allowing technology to take over to the extent that change will be made for change's sake.