Shevron Services

You can benefit from Shevron's expertise in the following areas:

LogoReview of ongoing projects and projects under consideration.

LogoCompany IT/E-Business Reviews.

LogoStatement of Business Requirements definition for new systems.

LogoSupplier Selection and Negotiations.

LogoReviews of CAD/CAM requirements.

LogoDrawing, Document Management and Workflow.

LogoEmail, Groupware and the E-commerce 

LogoProject Management for the implementation of new ERP, E-Commerce or IT systems.

Do you need advice? We offer help across a range of topics:


Perhaps twenty years ago, new processes and systems could be introduced into companies on a piecemeal basis. A new payroll system or stock control system could be introduced as a unit with few, if any, linkages to the other systems within the organisation. Now the technology infrastructure of companies is becoming all pervasive; hardware and wiring form the lowest layer, followed by networking and desktop applications, and finally enterprise wide solutions. Changing this infrastructure is essential at times, but the risks increase with the dependence of the organisation on its systems.

Now, many companies are reviewing their investments in all aspects of manufacturing software from CAD/CAM design systems through production MRP systems to distribution. Shevron can advise on sensible upgrade and migration strategies to enable manufacturers to gain and retain the performance edge which is necessary in today's highly competitive marketplace.

LogoManufacturing and the Internet

Can you really afford not to find out more about the benefits that the Internet can bring to your company? Geographically dispersed operations can be linked via the Internet on PC based systems which can be swiftly implemented at low cost.

LogoDocument Management and Workflow

Until now, companies have found that far from reducing the amount of paper in the office, computer systems have made it easier to produce even more. Now, with the advent of truly cost effective document processing it is possible to reduce the amount of paper used, as well as automating processes which have so far been paper intensive. Document Management systems also allow significantly improved methods of indexing documents, so that they may be easily located when needed.


With solid experience of networking and operating systems including UNIX, Windows NT and NetWare added to knowledge of the popular office desktop applications, Shevron is excellently placed to advise on your computer infrastructure, and implement it if required.

LogoGIS Systems

Representing data in graphical or geographical form can result in benefits which affect all aspects of your business. People, processes and systems are all affected so the correct project management to specify, select and implement the correct system is vital. Shevron has the expertise to work with your team to derive the business benefits from the correct system.


Shevron understand Computer Aided Design and how to deliver a cost effective and integrated solution for your business. We understand the problems of combining data from different applications and have worked with many large companies to develop a strategy to allow the total integration of CAD and CIM for the greatest business benefit.